Three Heads Are Better Than One featured at Flux Factory

Three Heads Are Better Than One will be featured in the exhibition Humorgous Smorgasbord at Flux Factory, Queens, NY, Sep 8-16, 2017.

  • Performance featured at Opening Reception: Friday, Sep 8, 2017, 6-9PM
  • Exhibition runs Sep 8-16, 2017

Humorgous Smorgasbord, a group exhibition of artworks that utilize incongruity through live performance, video, sculpture and writing. The selected artworks represent a contemporary snapshot of incongruity, from dark irony to sugary one-liners, engaging thoughtful and physical aspects of humor and laughter. The exhibition will showcase 24 international and national artists with interactive and static installations, film screenings, and two evenings of live performances and presentations. As a platform for humor as an end in and of itself, Humorgous Smorgasbord offers a potential to surprise, liberate, confuse, or criticize the status quo.

Three Heads Are Better Than One is a video installation and live performance. A long shelf holds two TV monitors with life-sized video heads of the artist on either end. When performing, the artist stands in the middle of the sculpture, his head poking through a hole in the shelf, engaging in a scripted 'trialogue' with the other two Jeffus. The trio of Jeffu 'talking heads' slowly evolve their speech patterns from random, guttural grunts to singsong sounds, and finally to hilarious and aggressive banter that reflects the harmony and discord in our everyday discourse.